Tribble and Stubble Adoption Program

Right out of the Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" come these darling hand-made critters created by members of the USS Athena, specifically the Bonica family. Even the one who wrote the famous episode bought a bunch!

Proceeds go towards one-time grants to help families with critically ill children.

Please note these are hand-made items from donated materials and vary in size, fur-length, and color. Cost is $5 each plus $1 shipping and handling.
[Tribbles on chair] Tribbles available in either Classic (black, white, tan, mottled neutrals, and browns with either short or long fur) or Psychedelic (other colors including mottle bright blue/green, blue/purple, purple/pink, orange/pink, and some with metallic silver scattered through pink or white fur).
[Stubbles in diner] New! Stubbles! Here's looking at you! Made in the same colors as tribbles, but these have eyes. Available in both classic and psychedelic.

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