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Julien Fleming was a boy who lived in Sterling Virginia. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with a neurological condition called GM1-gangliosidiosis. The disease is so rare that it took the doctors nearly a year to diagnose it.

Once Julien was diagnosed, his mother, Donna, quit her job in order to care for him full time. His father, Clark, worked as a tow-truck driver. The job gave him flexible hours so he could help in emergencies, but the job had no medical benefits.

The treatment for Julienís illness cost approximately $1,200 per month.

For the last three years of Julienís life, the major source of money for his medical care was donations from members of the Science Fiction community.

Julien passed away around 1:30PM Eastern Time on November 29, 2000. He left this world peacefully, surrounded by his family.

In July 2001, at the Baltimore area science fiction convention Shore Leave 23, more than $4,000(US) was raised to pay Julienís final expenses and to help the next child.

By November 2002, the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund, Inc. was officially created as a non-profit charity to continue to help other children in Julien's memory.

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