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Upcoming Events

A significant portion of our income comes from auctions of science fiction memorabelia, craft sales (bookmarks, book covers, jewelry, household items), and special auctions of one-of-a-kind items created specifically for an event. There are two science fiction conventions in the greater Washington, DC area that allow us to raise funds for the charity:

  • February (President's Day Weekend): Farpoint: Watch for auction items, tribble and craft sales that support this charity.

  • August (first weekend): Shore Leave: The twosome known as the "WonderTwins" will have at least one special auction item during the weekend. Also watch out for tribble sales throughout the weekend and our craft sale table at Meet the Pros on Friday night.

    As other fundraising opportunities become available to us, we will post those on this website and our facebook page.

    If you know of an event in the greater Washington, DC area that we should consider, please let us know!

    Tribble Adoptions

    What is a tribble? It's one of those round, fuzzy, purring creatures featured on the Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles". We've made our own, many of which have found their way to science fiction conventions and various other events. It doesn't matter if one isn't into Trek or science fiction as these plush toys are really cute. Unlike those seen on TV, these squeak (and sometimes make other sounds) rather than purr and come in a much wider variety of colors. A "stubble" is a tribble with funny eyes.

    Help a child and adopt a tribble or stubble today!

    Goodsearch fundraising

    Purchases from the following places benefit the charity.

    Goodsearch Shopping, please specify "Julien Fleming Memorial Fund" as the charity and a percentage of every purchase will go to the charity.

    Goodsearch: enter "Julien Fleming Memorial Fund" as the charity and we get a penny for each web search!

    Past Events

    May thanks to Farpoint Convention in Baltimore, MD for their support of JFMF! They are kind enough to allow us to auction items and sell tribbles to benefit the charity throughout the weekend.

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