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The Julien Fleming Memorial Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity recognized by the IRS and registered with GuideStar. There are many ways that you can help.

Help Find Potential Recipients

In addition to various forms of donating, which will be outlined below, we also need information on potential recipients. We currently network through various area hospitals, schools, social service organizations, and churches to find families with chronically or terminally ill children in need. However, there may be other cases out there and you can help! We are looking for families who meet the following criteria:

  • Child currently has a severe or terminal medical condition
  • Child's care causes financial hardship, either by a parent leaving a job to care for the child, lack of medical insurance, high cost of co-pays or necessary but not covered items
  • Child is under age 18
  • Lack of any community fundraising to help the family
  • The family is willing to accept the one-time grant

Financial and Material Donations

Your donation to the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund is used to help families in times of need with the medical expenses of a sick child. Operating expenses for the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund are very low due to generous donations of materials from individuals, so you can be assured that your donation will go towards grants to families with terminally or chronically ill children in need.

Donations can be by check or PayPal. Checks are made out to the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund, Inc. and mailed to the address below. PayPal donations can be done by using the "Donation" button below, or logging into PayPal and sending money to "donate (at) jfmf (dot) org" (sorry for how our address appears. We're trying to minimize spam)

	The Julien Fleming Memorial Fund
	3721 Etlan Rd
	Etlan, VA 22719

PayPal Donation:

Sometimes we can accept donations of crafting materials. Please contact us before sending anything. We sell items made by local crafters (which includes our board members) through a variety of outlets including craft shows and consignment.

Donations of collectibles and autographed pictures are appreciated and will be auctioned either at local science fiction conventions or through EBay, and all proceeds go to the charity.

If you are interested in making a material donation, please contact us before shipping anything.

*Donations to the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund may be tax-deductible depending on your individual situation.  Please consult your tax-advisor for advice. Tax letters are sent for all donations over $20(US), provided we have contact information. For material donations, the fair market value will be used to determine the cash value of the donation.

Purchases of craft items or collectibles from the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund are only tax-deductible if the purchase price exceeds fair market value (FMV), and only the amount in excess of FMV may be considered a donation. (Note: this is standard practice for all non-profits)

Purchasing from JFMF

Please be sure to check out our Events section for information on upcoming auctions, craft shows, and items for sale. All proceeds benefit the charity.

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